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About us- digital marketing institute in indore
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Our Approach

We the people of India-First article of our law.

We want to see all those people who come under this word"We" successful.

And as we are digital marketing experts so we want to help those who can afford fast growth for themselves & country in terms of digital growth.

We at Digital Marketing Institute In Indore are here to welcome you!

Our Story

We have left our comfort-zone to make those people comfortable in sense of future planning as to earn for the living.

Do you know many students just lost their future plans as they don't have a better guardian?

the day you know the answer you will be a part of this initiative.

Meet the Team

Total misfits group from all industries are welcome here and here you can meet everyone from our esteemed team who work end of their soul to train you good=better=best=bestest=excellent.


Bhagyjeet Joshi

Founder & CEO

An Entrepreneur, A thinker, A Technical Savy and finally a human being

Virender Sharma

Vice President

Technical Freak, Hardware Lover, Software admirer & "The Boss"

Rajesh Bishnoi


Money Man of the organisation.

Meet The Trainers

Senior Trainer

Sahil Thakral

  • AdWords Search Certified

  • AdWords Mobile Certified

  • AdWords Video Certified

  • AdWords Display Certified
  • AdWords Shopping Certified
  • Google Mobile Sites Certified
  • Google Digital Sales Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified

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