Eligibility & Fees

What is eligibility criteria?

There are no eligibility criteria for this course. Digital Marketing Course is for everyone.

Any individual who is interested in or wants to pursue a career in Digital Marketing can join this course.


Eligibility & Fees

This does not demand much from an individual. It requires no specific qualification or degree and no work experience.

It is even valid for those who have just basic or no knowledge at all about Digital Marketing.


Eligibility & Fees

Fees –

Eligibility & Fees

The course fee can be paid in easy installments through Cash/ Cheque, depending on your convenience.

Fees for the various courses is as follows –


We have listed 17 Modules of Digital Marketing Courses & as a thank you Gift to Indore City, We are offering any of the digital marketing modules in just 5000/- as a special offer for first 100 students for Vijay Nagar Center.

So now you can go for

1:- Web Analytics Course

2:- Website Designing & Planning Courses

3:- Search engine optimization Course

4:- Search engine marketing course

5:- Social media marketing course

6:- Content Marketing Course

7:- Online Reputation Management Course

8:- Artificial Intelligence Course

9:- Inbound & Outbound Marketing Course

10:- Email & Mobile Marketing Course

& much more to go 🙂