How To Start With Display Advertising

How To Start With Display Advertising

How To Start With Display Advertising

The popularity of Digital marketing is evolving day-by-day and people are coming with new ways of advertising on different screen.

One of the finest ways of designing and promoting the ads on the diverse digital platform is display advertising.

It comprises of diverse layouts and covers substances such as text, images, flash, video, and audio.

The key objective of display advertising is to promote universal advertisements and brand messages to the users.

How To Start With Display Advertising

Let’s dive into major sorts of display advertising?

There are 3 major sorts of display advertising:

Site Placement advertising: This is the place or site where promoters select to advertise on.

Contextual advertising: When marketers advertise product or service on a website with related content. i.e Advertising designer wedding outfits on a wedding destination website.

Remarketing advertising: These ads display when a visitor has already been to your website. A service uses cookies to monitor the visit, and then ads would appear on other websites they visit.

This causes the audiences to return to the website again. It would be done through a marketing network like Google Display Network.

Display Ad Standards

When it comes to this advertising network, there are certain parameters that both marketers and publishers have to follow it.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (AIB) is a firm that delivers awareness on the business standard for digital media.

In its display ads procedures, the IAB announced that display ads should be unique from normal web page content and the ad unit must have well-defined edges.

The ads should not be similar to web content to avoid confusions.

In their guide to ad size, Google reveals best performing ad sizes as the large rectangle (336*280), medium rectangle (300*350), leaderboard (728*90), half page (300*350), large mobile banner (320*100).

How to start with display advertising

How To Start With Display Advertising

Display ad creation best practices

When making a design it is crucial to creating ads that are exceptional and clearly defines the objective. Here are some best practices for ad creation:

Make sure your ads look realistic

Before displaying the ads marketers should make sure that the ads look realistic to the audiences and serve the purpose. It is the only source to fascinate users and connect with them.

If you are using contextual display advertising, then the ads running on a website must have related content to your product.

Thus when audiences click on the ads, it is vital that it drives to corresponding landing page, not just a home page.

For example: If the users click on a banner ad for a wedding day sale, marketers should link to a landing page that connects to the particular topic, not just an e-commerce site.

Keep mobile in mind:

Initially, display ads were considered only for desktop users whereas mobile users measures as second options. However, waves have turned and that has reversed around.

Thus it is important to consider your target audience and according to their taste & preferences display ads has to be customized. Keeping both the devices in mind the ads has to be formed accordingly to serve your audiences.

How To Start With Display Advertising

Fascinating, Precise and well-defined designs: Google Marketing recommends making use of”3 C’s” when it comes to designing display ads as fascinating, precise and well-defined.

Make your ads stand out from the crowd by using stunning design with the clear call to action button (CTA). Make use of high-resolution images.

How To Start With Display Advertising

With site placement advertising one can directly connect with a website or publisher. This can work for small medium enterprises that are familiar with this style of marketing.

Google Display Network

Google display network provides more than 2.5 million websites in which your ad can display on. It also advertises ads across other channels like apps, mobile-based programs etc. They utilize contextual and remarketing advertising to target the prospective viewers.

There are certain parameters which are mandatory to follow but this is one of the biggest platforms to reach the largest amount of targeted users.

This can happen all with the support of Google Adwords which divide into two elements and delivers in-depth analysis of your campaign’s performance.

Facebook Audience Network

Today Facebook is one of the most popular and largest social networking sites that reaches more than 1.5 billion users all across the globe.

It offers immense audiences for digital marketing. Display ad marketing not only performs on Facebook but also appears on other high traffic apps and sites.

If marketers are already using Facebook advertising for the business page then change to use audience network is completely simple and promoting parameters are the same.

How To Start With Display Advertising

This permits promoters to display ads on the reputed search engine such as Yahoo or Bing Network, which may not be as big as Google but they help you to reach 46.5 million exclusive users who aren’t using Google.

Measure Your Results

However, if you select display to advertise then it is essential to monitor ad performance. You need to check how the ad campaign is performing and how well your marketing goals can be achieved?

Hubspot suggests monitoring the following KPIs such as new site visitors, engagement, and the number of conversions.

If you are running the display advertising on your own then you can get this information from your publishing website or monitor where traffic is coming from on the landing pages.

If you are using Google service like Google Display Network you can download analytic reports and use their tools to analyze conversion tracking.

However display advertising can assist you to reach potential buyers, drive conversion and grab user’s attention towards your websites.

If marketers have a measurable objective for the campaigns then creating captivating ads can help to monitor the results and observe high ROI in a short period of time.

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