Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Online Marketing Courses in Indore

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Do you know, what is Online Display Advertising?

Online Display Advertising, also known as Banner Advertising is a form of advertising which gives commercial messages.

It uses text, logos, animations, videos, photographs or other graphics.

However, the display advertisers target the users again and again with some particular traits to increase the effect of the ad.

The main goal of display advertising is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to the site visitors.

Simply we can say that Display Advertising is an advertisement on the website.


Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore


Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Marketing Campaign :

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore says that marketing campaign through online display advertising is much more effective than the traditional ways of marketing.

You can measure its effectiveness from the lots of money the big brands spending on this.

Because it effectively reaches to the most of people in a target market as compared to other media.

Further, it is more powerful to educate the consumers and for building trust on the brand.

So, by Display advertising, the promotional messages of the company appear on the third party website.

Also, it appears on search engine’s result pages such as a publisher or social networks.


Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore


Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Who should be your target?

For increasing the conversion rate, an advertiser should know that who are the right people to show the particular advertisement.

So, for finding the targets, nowadays advertisers use cookies.

Cookies can find out that whether the user left the page without purchasing. So, advertiser can retarget the user later with ads on the site which user visited.

Advertisers collect the data about user’s online activity from multiple external websites.

Further, they combine all these data to create a picture which can attract the users and make them purchase the product.

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore


Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Working on the Display Ads :

There are different departments which work behind these display ads.

Account Dept – The accounting dept meet with the client to explain the goals of the campaign. Further to make it creative, it is forwarded to the creative dept.

Creative Dept – Creative dept then gives shape to the ad. They are skilled in finding out an efficient way to present the ad to the customer .

So that the customer can buy it. It requires imagination and innovation to make and present the ad.

Media Planner – People of this dept have to check out the response of the user to the particular image, video, sounds or motion.

They have to be aware of all the new technologies and helps other departments to reach the goal of the campaign.

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Google Display Network :

Google Ad Words has two types of targeting –

  • Search Targeting
  • Display Targeting

While advertising on search network business place text ads in the search engine results.

On the other hand, Google Display Network has a group of more than million of websites, videos, and apps where your ad can appear.

As per Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore, Google Display Network is the collection of websites including specific Google websites such as Google Finance, Blogger, Gmail and YouTube that shows Ad Words ad.

This network also includes mobile sites and apps.

When you show ads on display network, you can reach a number of customers, having different interests.

So, select the site or page on which you want to your ad to appear and engage users with appealing ad format.

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Components of Display Advertising Success as defined by Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore –

There are some points by which you can measure the success rate of your online display advertisement such as –

Reaching to the targets :

To reach the online advertising means that a number of potential customers are watching your ads.

Further, this will be represented by the number of visitors that visit the advertising network you are planning to use.

Click Rate :

In an online advertising, click rate shows the number of people like your advertisement. A good click rate is considered as a benchmark for advertising agencies as for how well the audience is receiving the campaign.

Bounce Rate : 

Bounce rate shows the percentage of visits that go only on one page before exiting. When a user visits a page which is advertised by the display advertisement, it shows that user was interested to click on it. But when they visited the page, they do not found the relevant data.

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Online Display Advertising Classes in Indore

Conversion Rate :

It shows the percentage of the people who click through an add. After this, they end up completing the action that the advertiser wants.

It can include anything like registration for the newsletter, a purchase made online or even a request for more information.

Return On Investment (ROI) :

When brands start display advertising, there is always a cost involved together with a goal to be achieved. In simple words, it is the amount that brand earns after spending on the campaign.

This is written by Palak Pancholi.

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