Scope For Fresher In Digital Marketing

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Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

Hey! Am I talking about the last year passed out or fresher or a person has been trained in SEM / SMO / SEO?

Then Digital Marketing would be the right decision! Now you might be thinking, why the digital marketing?

The answer is very simple.

Why are you online right now? Because the internet is serving your purpose. Right? Similarly, it is serving a lot of people around the world.

As we all know the internet industry, which we also know as the online or digital industry has been growing at a great pace. SEO is somehow a new field, and it comes into existence approximately around 10-15 years back.

Scope For Fresher In Digital Marketing

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

However, the world is going digital these days. With this digital wave, approximately all the businesses are now trying to make their position in the online world. Have you heard of a brand who does not have a website?


This is the reason why Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals came into the picture and not only help business and websites getting their businesses online, but helps them to succeed online.

You must be thinking that it will include lots of techniques and coding to learn.

But the good news is that you don’t have to learn to code or there is nothing much technical. You just have to learn how to use the techniques. The basic fundamental knowledge will do a great work in order to make your business successful. Further, it will also help in growing own business.

So, our work is on-brand, on-point, and accurate to purpose.

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

We have observed many freshers are just following the crowd without thinking of their interests and objectives. Mostly these freshers are Engineering Graduates, MCA, Degree holders, etc. who tends to follow the crowd by joining Java, Net, C++, DB & Other courses.

Am not saying those are not good. But have you ever analyze or compare these courses?

What is the ratio of vacancies for these people and the people with these skills?

And you know the answer. Yes! There is a huge difference. People having these skills are much more than the job opening for these guys in the market.

So, the logic behind this is now it’s a time to look for a better option which can yield you a good job and great future. And this option, of course, should yield a great competitive benefit to you over others.

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a Career?

Every person is creative in his own way and that is what this field requires. This is why opportunities in this field are growing at a very fast pace. This is the reason for the boom of digital marketing companies offering SEO services.

Digital marketing possesses a potential future in itself. If you opt it as your career, I must say you are heading towards a bright and brilliant future. All you need is to be dynamic and possess excellent analytic skills.

You can make a good money through SEO only. It is a profession which offers a great freedom. You can opt to work for any organization or can start up your own business.

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

If you opt to work for any organization with a mere experience, still you can more easily expect an initial salary of Rs.15000/- per month being fresher.

Over the time and adding experience, you can count your earning as:

  • 4 to 7 Lakhs with 2 to 5 Years of Experience
  • 7 to 10 Lakhs with 5 to 7 Years of Experience

And in case you want to go for opening own venture then the sky is the limit for earnings.

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

Does Digital Marketing worth adding to my CV?

A career in Digital marketing or SEO might be sounding like a nuisance to you. It happens when you don’t have the knowledge and you just keep thinking if it can actually worth adding to your CV or just contributing to killing the time.

Moreover, SEO or Digital Marketing is a nice blend of art and science. So, the SEO can add a lot to your CV if you have come from science stream and have a technical background. As the SEO will let you connect with a more practical aspect of the business.

SEO helps you grow as a professional and learn new skills related to people management and strategy building.

Scope for Fresher in Digital Marketing

Are you from arts background?

Well! It may seem you a bit thorny as you don’t have the technical background. Still, you can go for it as it requires to learn just basic fundamental technical, which you will learn soon if do it passionately.

It will not only bring to you a great way for your bright future but it will also ass to your current knowledge and make you an all-rounder.

So, finally, this is concluded that it is a great option to opt Digital Marketing for future. Now the question is,

fresher of which stream can build a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a very broad aspect and welcomes all the streams to g and earn. So, any graduate / MBA / MCA can build a career in this field and can become successful too.

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