Amazon trained E-commerce specialist

Amazon Seller Training In Indore

Amazon Seller Training In Indore.

The program will be held on 23-09-2018.

Duration: The training will be conducted over a duration of 1 day. The training session would be for approximately 08-12 hours in a day per day. The training can also spread over a duration of two days if the number of participants increases by 12+.

Please get:

  1. Laptop 
  2. Notepad
  3. Microsoft Office (Excel)  installed and functioning.

Training Process: 

  • Training would be conducted by certified Amazon Trainers for a duration of 8-12 hours a day.
  • Content for ATES program will be provided to candidates who have successfully paid the fees for the training.
  • The candidates will have to take a certification assessment exam based on the training module and will be certified only successful completion of the assessment.
  • A certificate from Amazon which certifies them as “Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialists” will be given to the candidates directly by Amazon.