E-commerce marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

Definition: Marketing that involves the spreading of awareness about an online store and products to attract the traffic is known as E-Commerce Marketing.

Digital marketing for e-commerce applies traditional marketing principles to a multi-channel, data-driven environment.

E-Commerce is also known as online shopping. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The reason behind this is that consumers are now searching on the internet more for the shopping decision. It saves their time and in addition to this, they get many options at affordable price.

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Why is E-commerce important for businesses?

Business aspirants seeking E-Commerce as an excellent option to create a better business world and get success in future.  E-commerce has proved its importance based on the fact where time is the essence. In the commercial markets, time plays an important role to both the business and consumers. This is the reason for emergence of E-Commerce, replacing traditional commerce method a where single transaction can cost both parties a lot of valuable time.”

In addition to this, one can do online shopping at any time anywhere. It does not have limits of time and place. Moreover, the product we get at our door. So, it saves time and money both, the two things which means a lot to man today.

So, for this E-Commerce Marketing is important.

e-commerce marketing,digital marketing institute in Indore


What is an e-commerce website?

Category: Sell Online, Developing an E-commerce Strategy. … Any type of commercial transaction or business, that includes transfer of information across the Internet can be referred to as E-Commerce Marketing. So, E-Commerce Marketing helps in increasing the same.

How do you use e-commerce?

Ecommerce is used by consumers and businesses to exchange goods and services via Internet, according to Sell Online. Different forms of ecommerce include business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

What is the e-commerce business?

Purchasing and selling of goods and services or transferring information or funds over the internet is called E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC).

These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

Dealing with the clients or other businesses over a large electronic network as the Internet can be referred to as Electronic Commerce. So, E-Commerce Marketing helps to increase awareness about it. E-commerce also called electronic commerce. Further, Electronic commerce greatly facilitates transactions between companies and consumers (B2C), between one company and another (B2B) and between individual consumers (C2C).

As it is the age of social media, it gives the direct link to business promotions. Nowadays, customers are widely using Facebook and Twitter to make worthy purchasing decisions. So, the social media is a very effective business tool for E-Commerce Marketing in the present scenario. If you observe carefully all the aspects, E-Commerce Marketing is very important for your business growth. Further, it makes the way for your success.

How do you set up an e-commerce business?

Confused! How to start own e-commerce business? We have a list to help you. Just check it out..

  1. Start With Your Business Name. …
  2. Secure Your Domain Name and Website. …
  3. Select The Best Business Structure and Register Your Business. …
  4. Get Your Employer Identification Number.
e-commerce marketing,digital marketing institute in Indore


So, E-Commerce Marketing is a practice of guiding online shoppers to the e-commerce website and persuade them to buy the products or services online.

E-Commerce Marketing can include practices such as :

  • SEO, so as to help the website to rank high in organic search engine list.
  • Further, affiliation with better-known websites through referral marketing.
  • Retention of current customers through e-mail marketing.

Further the e-commerce marketing highly convenient. Customers can purchase products as per their requirement with a click at any time. Also, your business gets a wide exposure through an e-commerce website.

Moreover, managing an e-commerce website is easier than running a business. Here you get global customers. Along with this, it increases your social media presence.

e-commerce marketing,digital marketing institute in Indore

How is an E-Commerce Marketing plan developed?

An E-Commerce Marketing is developed by focusing on 3 objectives :

  • Helping new visitors to find the website.
  • Turning visitors into customers.
  • Increasing your website usability.
  • Pay-Per-Click  Advertising – Effective PPC campaign attracts users with intent to purchase. PPC makes it more efficient than many traditional advertising platforms.
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM refers to the paid advertising campaigns. We use SEM to describe efforts on Google’s AdWords platform and paid platform.
  • Search Engine Optimization – By using SEO, you can get traffic from unpaid results or organic results of search engines. Further, SEO requires best practices on the product page with the content creation, inbound links, social media engagement and many other factors.
  • Display Advertising – It tends to use banners, sidebars and other visual advertisements that appear on other websites. Further, Display ads contain ad networks such as Google Display Network.