Job Seekers

Digital Marketing Course For Job Seekers

Start your career with digital marketing that gets you a job of upto INR 3.2 lacs

Digital Marketing Course For Job Seekers


“Digital India to create 18 lac jobs... INR 4.5 lac crore to be invested”

- Narendra Modi @ Digital India Launch

Why are you wasting time in wrong courses and job search ?

 Digital Marketing can end it !!!

  • Increase Your Employability

  • Connect to consumers online

  • Chances to work as a part timer

  • Get Paid to manage Facebook & twitter accounts

  • Create your own online store

  • Analyze and adapt easily

  • Become more competitive


What you will get to learn ?

  • Understanding entire digital marketing process

  • Creating your website using wordpress

  • Ready for top digital marketing certifications

  • Increase your placement chances by 50%

  • Manage social media accounts and get paid

  • How to use top digital marketing tools

  • Earn part time with the help of adsense

  • Learn how to launch your own online business

  • Learn how to optimize for conversion

  • How to connect with mobile customers

  • Realize higher ROI and revenue

  • Tools For Ecommerce website conversion app